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I’ve made a lot of t-shirts in my day, and the only thing greater than the t-shirts I’ve designed is the list of the ones that were rejected.

Here is a couple from my SIG days that never saw the light of day:



It was a big deal when the TANGO6T was awarded the SDMR optic contract for the DOD. This opened up more than just the branches that had access to the ROMEO4T. As an “INTERNAL ONLY” t-shirt, meant to be given to the Oregon optics team, I mocked up this design. Alas, it was REJECTED.

The list of branches and SOF units was always evolving, but this was one snapshot.



This wasn’t rejected, because it was a joke t-shirt I made up when it was announced that the US Gov was making a new branch of the military: The Space Force. It’s only a matter of time before SIG Sauer wins a SPACE FORCE contract – and the mock-up is already done. 🙂

Hollywood special effects houses build spaceship models and then “greeble” the surfaces to show scale. I thought it would be fun to greeble the SIG logo



There was an early creative direction for the BDX campaign that was a twist on the inspiration for the tagline – and I felt the creative worked really well as a unique “hunter” t-shirt. Something that had not been done at SIG at that time. This had two versions. An elk version, and a ram version.

Back of Black Tee Variant
rejected t-shirt sig sauer fbi hrt cag dod usss swat army delta afsoc devgru ranger marsoc homeland romeo4t tango6t "lynn twiss"
rejected t-shirt joke t-shirt sig sauer space force "lynn twiss"
rejected t-shirt bdx connect the dot elk "lynn twiss" sierra6bdx sierra3bdx
rejected t-shirt bdx connect the dot ram sierra3bdx sierra6bdx "lynn twiss"


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