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The Details Matter.

Details Matter. Particularly with niche audiences, and more so with firearms and firearms accessory marketing. Firearms demand a level of responsible acuity as the 4 Rules of Gun Safety, hearing protection and properly mounted optics are all vital and necessary to safe firearms handling.

The marketing challenge isn’t just to capture inattention but to relay expertise through visuals. A detail perceived as a minor “oops” internally can have a long-term impact on your audience. Trust that the company’s talent knows its customer.

Details Matter. From the top down, everyone involved in a project should have a critical eye for what the audience will see in the piece, not just copy, specification, and brand accuracy.


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Lynn Twiss

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Lynn Twiss is a self-starting and driven creative marketing and advertising director with experience in lifestyle, manufacturing, corporate, and agency environments.

A 28-year career in elevating brands through global-scale campaign strategies involving creative team leadership, strategic planning, digital/eCommerce management, earned and paid media (social, digital, programmatic, print, radio, television, outdoor), SEM/SEO, communications, partnerships, promotions, qualitative and quantitative development, and synthesis.


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