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VIKTOS – Jeans For Your Arms.

This article goes into depth, an unrealized strategy, and tactics for a brand campaign that would have taken the anti-gun denim/jeans industry head-on.

Where would I have taken VIKTOS if I’d been there longer? This article goes into depth, my intended strategy, and tactics for a brand campaign that would have taken the anti-2A denim/jeans industry head-on. Tactical Pants and Jeans.

VIKTOS Tactical Jeans Pants
VIKTOS – JEANS FOR YOUR ARMS; An unrealized campaign concept by Lynn Twiss GUNLAND Brand Strategist
Tactical Jeans Concept Sketches Levi VIKTOS
A 1950s Levi Ad, vs an imaginary 2021 VIKTOS ad for tactical jeans pants that was never made, but could have been interesting.


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